Have yourself a Merry Hip Hop Christmas. Iced Jewelry pieces that will make perfect gifts this year.

Jewelry is an all-time symbol of wealth and prosperity. No wonder it has always been and will remain a perfect gift for any occasion. And when we talk about the Holiday season and Christmas Gift, you are looking for the best way to express your appreciation and love towards your very special one. Even if it is yourself!

Jewelry aesthetics has been changing throughout history. From iconic regal pieces famous all over the world to minimalistic and almost invisible pendants and earrings that seem to be quite trendy today. But hardly anybody knows about the ultimate Bling aesthetics as much as the appreciators of Iced Jewelry. Adopted by the Hip Hop and Urban culture, Iced Jewelry deserved itself a very special place in the history of fashion and style.

Put a ring on it!

Rings have always been more than just an accessory. In the Roman Empire a ring, its size, and even the finger it was worn on had a great meaning distinguishing the status of a citizen.

But of course, the most popular rings in the world are wedding rings. However, though it seems that the tradition of engagement and wedding rings has existed forever, they have appeared in western culture only about 200 years ago. And only the western tradition defined diamonds as the ultimate symbol of a wedding ring. This trend lived on till the era of the Great Depression, when the prices have suddenly plummeted.

Even if you are not a jewelry expert, you must have heard the slogan "Diamonds are forever". It was invented in the late 1930s as an attempt to raise and outline the prestige and value of diamonds in the eyes of consumers that were struggling with much more harsh issues at that time. However, this trick worked! Not only the prices started to climb due to rising demand, but the slogan itself went into history and became one of the iconic ones in the Hip Hop culture and foundation for the Iced Jewelry aesthetics.

Iced Jewelry rings started to gain momentum in the mid-80s when the competition in opulence and wealth between Hip Hop artists became the mainstream. And till now nothing underlines the status and makes the statement in the Urban culture as a chunky Iced Jewelry ring.

Hanging out with style!

The bling-game went on a whole new level in the mid-90s, when the image of Hip Hop artists might have become even more important and distinguishing than the music itself. Looking for self-expression and new ways to make a statement, demonstrate loyalty and belongings, the representatives of Hip Hop culture started to adopt and develop the aesthetics of flashy chunky jewelry. And Iced Chains and Pendants became ultimate poster boards.

The trend became grotesque in the 2000s when the size of Iced Jewelry, amount and of chains, rings, and pendants you were wearing at the same time defined your status entirely. When T-Pain showed off with the iconic $400.000 Iced Chain, everybody knew that Iced Jewelry has righteously deserved itself a place in a Hip Hop hall of fame and is there to stay forever.

However, today the competition seems to ease up. Meters of iced Cuban Chains are now replaced by trendy Iced Chokers and custom-made pendants. Tennis Chains that have been the embodiment of bling, are often seen among traditional and even conservative jewelry pieces. So what has been an attribute of non-conformist style several years ago, today can make a perfect present for your parent. From the symbol of kitsch and extravaganza, Iced Jewelry evolves into respectable and stylish pieces with their unique aesthetics and sacred meaning, becoming perfect gift ideas for any holiday.

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